To Be Read- Top Picks

I posted on my author page looking for more books recently. While I work on compiling books for that, I wish to share books that *I* personally suggest you read. (And review pleeease)  I have been struggling with a reading slump, so the majority of books I’ve read this last year have been WIP and I’ve beta’d.  So here are one’s I HAVE read and hope you enjoy.

Firstly, because I spent forever editing and compiling, Shards of Survival by Writing Bad. Eight gripping stories of survival from authors all over the world, and all remembers of Writing Bad. My story “Thirsty” is about a man on the run from cavemen zombies.

Shards of Survival



One of my close friends debuted her novel earlier this year. I’m mega proud of how much work she put into making this happen, and I’m proud to have been a part of the editing process!

Hazel Grace‘s story “Arranged” is a historical fiction romance that breaks the norm of the genre and keeps you reading. You’ll love Ava and fall for Garret. She has plans for several more in the series too! I have to tell you, the paperback sure is beautiful!




Feed Your Monster is a horror publisher run by Rinoa Cameron. She has two anthologies out and several books of her own. Very supportive of writers and an entertaining person, I’m glad I can call her my friend.

I am featured in her second anthology, “Fangs and Broken Bones” with my story “Pancake Spiders”


Dead Ahead: A Feed Your Monster Anthology

The Boy In the Cage: Blood Bath



Tricia Wentworth is a newer friend, but funnily enough we grew up in the same town! My weird light attracted her and we met through Writing Bad shortly after she debuted her first novel, The Culling.  I now consider her one of my closest friends.


Let me tell you, this girl has some skills. Her story is almost a take on the Hunger Games but from the government side of things. Love triangles? Check. Action? Check. Humor? Checkity check check.

For a little bit this book was in the top 100 on Amazon. Top 100!! She is working super hard to get book two edited and formatted for its August release date, and I’m thankful she allowed me the pleasure of reading it and helping out. Check out more about it here:

Cover Reveal Chat


One of the most supportive people I’ve met through Facebook has a new book out, as well as a poetry book! C.L. Williams  is an awesome guy and I love his poetry.

I’ve read his poetry book,  The Paradox Complex, after he sent me a free copy. Signed and all! I’ve featured poems here as well.


The Escape of Ernest Frost  is his first fiction novel. Make sure to leave a review if you read it !

Check him out on  Twitter  too


Donise Sheppard is my co-creator for Pixie Forest Publishing. She has several published books and in numerous anthologies. My favorite is her dystopian series! I’m reading book one now, and I am really enjoying it.


The Altered: Subsist

The Altered: Endurance

The Altered: Prevail


There will be more to add to this list, I’m sure. Right now I’m busy judging stories for PFP’s first anthology, “Love Dust” that we hope to publish in September or sooner. We will be hosting a giveaway event this Thursday, the 7th. Stop in and say hey! 500 Likes Giveaway

Funnily enough, we have surpassed 600 likes within the last day! Our page has exploded, but I’ll have a post on that soon 🙂

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