Poetry by Luke W.

I am a Paradox by Luke Wood

Once I knew my poetry book was going to be titled The Paradox Complex I wanted to write a poem that let people know what the theme is to the book, that we as humans have contradictory qualities. This poem was originally going to serve as the opening poem to the book because I felt this poem best described the book.

I am still yet I move nonstop

I love none I love more than me

I have seen at times, I can be my own enemy

I know there are times when I am too fluid

I see my stability has caused much influence

I am unusual yet I am the most orthodox

One word describes me and that is paradox


I am the same yet I am different

I am intricate and ignorant

I am guilty and I am innocent

I am obedient and I am dissident


You are a paradox

You are here and still choosing to eavesdrop

You are leading but always have my back

You are the lone wolf leading the pack

You are the loudest when you speak in silence

You are evasive and give the best guidance

You are both celestial points, the equinox

One word describes you, that is paradox


You are the same yet different

You are intricate and ignorant

You are both guilty and innocent

You are obedient and dissident


We are paradoxical

We are selfish yet so prodigal

We are unique but we are no oddity

We form tradition but can succumb to novelty

We all have strength yet we show much fear

We are dust yet significant in this stratosphere

We are unusual and yet quite orthodox

One word describes us and that is paradox


We are the same and we are different

We all are intricate and ignorant

We are guilty and we are innocent

We are both obedient and dissident


I am the same yet I am different

I am intricate and ignorant

I am guilty and I am innocent

I am obedient and I am dissident

I am a paradox


Luke Wood writes books under the name C.L. Williams. He’s an independent author from Virginia and recently released a poetry book called The Paradox Complex, which is about how we as people have contradictory qualities but are still good at our core. The Paradox Complex is one of five planned releases this year.

Find more from Luke W. at the following:




The Paradox Complex on Amazon http://amzn.to/2FCv02J

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