Poetry by Luke W.

 Luke W- “In My Head” is about those little moments in life we know we’ll never forget. This poem was originally meant to be released in my book META- (Complete) but was removed at the last minute. I had planned to put the poem in my follow up book which wasn’t titled at the time. Once I began writing my poetry book with the title The Paradox Complex in mind, I wasn’t sure if this was a good fit for the book. This is the first time everyone has gotten to see this poem.

In My Head

Let the words replay

Let the moment repeat

The moment of a lifetime

All inside my head


The tragedy

The pain

The moment of hurt

Forever alive in my head


The lyrics forever hummed

The food I can always taste

The one-time moment

Always in my head


The day you said yes

Moment we became one

That special step forward

Alive in my head


The merriment

The happiness

The moment of joy

Never forgotten in my head


Luke Wood writes books under the name C.L. Williams. He’s an independent author from Virginia and recently released a poetry book called The Paradox Complex, which is about how we as people have contradictory qualities but are still good at our core. The Paradox Complex is one of five planned releases this year.

Find more from Luke W. at the following:




The Paradox Complex on Amazon http://amzn.to/2FCv02J

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