Poetry by Luke

Miss Understood

See heads turn as the pretty girl walks by,

Oh so confident, with chin held high.

The looks, the brains, she’s got what it takes

But alone at night her brave heart aches.

She’s captain of the high school netball team.

She’s got it all! She’s living the dream!

But she wakes each morning full of fear,

And deep inside, things aren’t so clear.


A blue-eyed paragon – she looks the best.

Like Trojans of old – they are obsessed.

They fawn and follow but to no avail,

As their shallow attempts to woo her fail

She retreats within, untouched, unsure.

To embrace her loneliness once more.


Luke is a talented poet/writer from Australia. Follow Little Lady Saga for more poems from him and check out previous ones here:

Poetry by Luke

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Poetry by Luke

Poetry by Luke

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