To Be Read pt 7

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Love and Omissions

What happens when the one who let you get away, walks back into your life?

Prodigal Hearts

Boutique owner Stephanie Williams has walked away from her faith. After all, the Lord abandoned her when she most needed him. Where was he the night she was attacked, and why did he fail to protect her? For that matter, where was he now? Firefighter Sam Kendrick is mad at God for an entirely different reason. Two years earlier, a rollover accident had sent him and his best friend over a cliff in the San Bernardino Mountains. By the time search and rescue found them, it had been too late to save his friend and fellow firefighter. Sam blames himself for what happened, but he also blames God. And he wonders why he was the one who survived.

As these two wounded souls find their way into each other’s hearts and the scars of the past begin to heal, can they also find their way back to the one who loves them both?

Primitive Passions (The Boschloper Sage) (Volume 1)

When Sean O’Cathail deserted in New York Harbor in 1681, it was not to become a boschloper. He jumped ship to save his own skin. Getting into the fur trading business was just where he landed. As an Irish refugee hiding out in a Dutch colony now controlled by the English, Sean found he had a knack for diplomacy as he negotiated between the colonists and their Iroquois neighbors. This skill also helped with his love life, torn between courting a servant in town, while sleeping with an Indian lass when in the wilderness. As the French and their Indian allies encroach ever farther into their territory. Sean’s diplomatic skills will be put to the test. Then, he learns more than a few pelts are at stake About the Author: JOHN M. CAHILL worked and lived in New York’s Mohawk Valley where he took an interest in the history of the Dutch and English fur traders’ relations with their Iroquois neighbors and French adversaries. Now, he lives with his wife in Vienna, Austria.

The Adamantine River Passage

From the darkest days shall rise light and healing. The Adamantine River Passage is a story that delivers redemption and healing for a life shattered by tragedy and subsequent alcoholism. We open with the narrator, Lucas, in a skid row motel along the White River outskirts of Portland as he searches for a way out of darkness in the aftermath of a family tragedy. He finds himself in the company of society’s outcasts and sees that he is sliding towards their fallen lives with a sense that he is and must be capable of an escape that they are not. Lucas turns to his family’s past, towards the passion he left behind in past life, fly-fishing. Amidst the great tributaries of the American West, the Adamantine River is the place of mythic fly fishing and in the spiritual hinterland of the arid Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington. Turning his back to the steady spiral of alcoholism and his last few possessions, it is here that Lucas travels to find his passage from the darkness that his life has arrived at. Fly rod in hand, he enters the Adamantine River basin in search of that which he left behind and a way forward to the world that still awaits him. What awaits him there is a spiritual awakening that will either drive him forever into darkness or save him from it.

Stranded at Romson’s Lodge (Morgan James Fiction)

Kidnapped and flown to a remote lodge in upstate Maine, high school seniors, Jed Romson and Elizabeth Sitton are stranded when their kidnapper crashes on takeoff. With thirty-five miles between them and the nearest hunting lodge, Jed knows it is up to him to care for a homesick city girl until someone finds them. Is he up to the task? “Call me if you need anything.” Jed shook his head. This was going to be interesting. Not only did he have to babysit a tenderfoot, he had to listen to her, too.

Elizabeth, a city girl, has never been away from home, especially out in the wilderness with no amenities. Can she learn to cook on a wood stove or over an open fire? And what about wild animals? Wolves? Bears? Coyotes? Lizzie dropped into a deerskin-bound chair and buried her face in her hands. “I don’t think I can do this, Jed. I’m not cut out to be a Swiss Family Robinson character. I’m not an outdoorsy type of girl. This is all well and good for you, but you grew up with this stuff. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.”

Left with no clues, what will Detective Sarah Summers do to find the missing teens?

The Amazon Legacy: Gods & Queens

An embittered wager between Zeus and Hera results in the banishment of the most powerful Amazon leader, Queen Elektra. Sent to Hades, she leaves behind two precious gems and the Golden Girdle, holder of mysteries and the gift of immortality for the rightful owner.
In Elektra’s absence, two fierce warriors rise.
Teigra—a lone wolf who has suffered a life of unspeakable brutality as a slave. Forced to earn her living as a cage fighter, she endures by way of her cunning wit, quick reflexes, and lethal striking abilities. As a hired assassin, loyal only to the highest bidder, a chance encounter with the Girdle reframes her destiny.
Thea—raised and trained as a Sondra. As elite warriors in the Amazon tribe, held in the highest esteem among their people, a Sondra’s mission is to eliminate any outside threat. But a new directive takes shape when a seer repositions her path to find the Golden Girdle.
The battle to recover the Girdle pits warrior against warrior. Both are unaware of each other’s existence, until they are sent on a perilous quest with impossibly high stakes.
In this cruel, bloody, and often erotic journey set deep in an ancient world of slavery, torture, and clashing kingdoms, our fated warriors fight for their core beliefs and survival. On opposite sides of a grand, savage battle, each woman is driven to dominate the other by a shared prophecy and an instinctual force to outlive and outlast.

My Husband’s Sin: The Lacey Taylor Story: #1

In the weeks following Lillian Taylor’s burial, her four loving adult children assemble for the reading of her will. For the grieving youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Each of the siblings, take the reader on a journey as they try to come to terms and learn to handle this huge revelation.

Don’t Call Me Mum: The Lacey Taylor Story: #2

Raised by a cold stepmother, Lacey Taylor’s life was turned upside down by the stroke of a pen, putting her on a path to find her birth mother, Cora Maguire. But Cora is not the maternal type. For her, her career is paramount to everything else, including her only child, Lacey. Their relationship is, at best, strained. Lacey struggles for Cora’s affection, but when her life-path takes an unplanned twist, Cora becomes furious. Lacey’s half-siblings, the Taylors, want to help, but they have their own demons that threaten to rip the family apart.

How often can Lacey deal with life’s struggles without finally succumbing to them?

Reflected Destinies

Laura is happy and content, she has a new boyfriend and loves her job teaching primary school pupils in London. But when she inherits a rundown house from a stranger on her 30th birthday, memories of her prom night come flooding back, memories of a scary encounter and an antique mirror in the very same house.
Laura visits the house with all its secrets and as she unravels the clues she reveals the biggest secret of all: her own destiny. But how can you change the future if it’s already written in the past?


Playmates were far and few for ten-year old Joby Richards in the late 1800’s, so when a feral dog, Hobo, shows up, Joby is determined to make friends. But the arrival of a mysterious stranger puts both the boy and dog at great risk. Did Hobo sense the dark secret the stranger harbored?
The sound of gunshots strikes terror in the heart of Joby’s Mother. Were they for her son?

Vernon House

Jennifer Hayes buys and restores houses for resale, but Vernon House, was different. She wanted this old Victorian for herself. The rumors the house was haunted didn’t bother Jennifer, who is a skeptic by nature. But her skepticism turns to intrigue when she finds a letter dated 1909 in the attic tucked into the folds of a wedding dress. The letter mentions a murder, but no name of the victim and is signed with only initials. Jennifer’s challenge is to track down the identity of the victim, as well as the killer. However, her research brings forth two spirits, one of which is evil.

Can You Hear the Music?

The year 1919 ended in tragedy for young Corey James. Her life is shattered when a car crash takes her beloved parents’ lives and she is forced to live with relatives she has never seen before. Her aunt is verbally and physically abusive until Corey has no recourse but to run away.
Disguised as a boy and, with the help of an old hobo, she begins a journey that takes her on a series of adventures, both perilous and heartwarming. As they ride the rails together, Andy Curruthers helps restore Corey’s self-esteem, teaches her about life and helps form the woman she becomes.


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