Poetry by Ahja

The Morning After Sexual Assault/ Chapel

*originally published in SWWIM/SWWIM Every Day


There is a boy in the library eating

blue and purple erasers today

his smirk is an open wound


When he sits, an onyx rosary

swings from his belt

you can’t label this pain                 not yet

not in the presence of Jesus’ thorned crown 


That is what your mother would say

that Jesus had it worse                   that he died

for the boy across the room who

holds your voice with his fist


(calls you ‘sister’ which appears more distant than cousin somehow)


And he brands you bittersweet

as if your body is a Hershey’s bar

split diagonally


You will kill him                 in your thoughts

then put him back together again


Ahja Fox resides in Aurora, Colorado. She is an avid reader, dancer, and researcher of all things morbid and supernatural. Her other passion is acting as co-host/ co-partner for Art of Storytelling (a reading series in Denver). You can find her work published or forthcoming in Driftwood Press, Rigorous, Five:2:One, Noctua Review, The Perch, Boned , Tuck Magazine, Taxicab Magazine, and more. Stay up-to-date on her reading/performance schedule and publications by following her on Instagram and Twitter at aefoxx.

Poetry By Ahja

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