Poetry by Adam

A Swirling Maelstrom 

An errant thought

Grabs for attention

Clamours to be heard

Above the din

That inhabits my mind

And I grab for a pen

And a sheet

To scribble it down

Before it is lost

To the maelstrom

And perhaps gone forever

Never to be born

Into the world

Never to be heard

Never to be acted upon

And the thought

Having snatched it’s moment

Bears down

Holds the spotlight

Begin to be finished

Before it is too late

Before the next thought

Comes along to displace

And dethrone

Making the spotlight it’s own

And then comes another

And another

And the swirling storm

Rages on


Adam is an author, publisher, and occasional poet who resides in  Murwillumbah, New South Wales. He’s one of the owners of Zombie Pirate Publishing and you can find him here:

Adam Bennett Author

Zombie Pirate Publishing’s page

Zombie Pirate Publishing’s website


Stay tuned for more poems from Adam!

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