Poetry by Ashley


Little Boys

My little boys, I love you so.

Please don’t grow too fast.

Mommy struggles every day,

But know that it won’t last.

Your little hands and little feet,

Your joyful laughs and smiles,

I cherish them. They help me through.

They carry me for miles.

The sleepless nights and stressful days,

And every little fight,

Are washed away, gone just like that,

When your blue eyes shine so bright.

I love to see your innocence,

And watch you learn and grow.

I hold on tight to no avail.

I can’t stop time, I know.

How can I make these moments last?

How can I keep you near?

I’m not afraid to let you go,

It’s losing you I fear.

You’ll grow up and you’ll move on,

Leaving me behind.

So play in the dirt, run through the mud,

And flash your mischievous grin.

For I’m not going anywhere,

I’ll be where I’ve always been.

So little boys I love so dear,

With a heavy heart I ask,

Please be small and stay like this,

Please don’t grow so fast.


Ashley is a talented poet and artist who resides in Texas with her husband and two young boys. Find more of her poetry here!

Poetry by Ashley

Poetry by Ashley

Poetry by Ashley

Poetry by Ashley

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