Poetry by Kristen

“May I Have This Dance?”

Cast your fears upon Me,

for I am your Beacon of Light

I will guide you through this dark time.

Do not worry

over things you cannot control.

Trust in me,

and all will be well.


I will be your sight

when you can no longer see.

I will be your strength

when you can no longer walk.

I will be your hope

when all seems lost.


I will never leave your side; just hold onto my hand.

I promise to never let go.


Cast your worries upon me.

Trust in me, Your Beacon of Light.


Life is filled with storms; you must not wait for them to pass.

Instead, dance and allow the storm to wash away your pain.


So, May I have this dance?


Kristen Brandon lives in Virginia with her two crazy cats and loving boyfriend.  She has been writing poetry for the past 20 years. Her true passion is teaching children with special needs and writing poetry to bring hope to others.

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