Poetry by Kristen

“Strong Tower”

I’m crumbling.

You, my strong tower, protect me

from faulty feelings.

My heart is falling apart beneath my feet.

I’m spiraling out of control.

I’m no longer myself.

I can’t control my thoughts; I am choking.

I am blind.

I am ashamed

to touch your face; I’m consumed.

I don’t feel as if I’m worthy of your love.

My strong tower, out of my grasp, will you come and rescue me?

Be the beacon of reasoning? Be the light in the darkness?

I want to whither in your arms and die in your eyes.

Bring me back to life. Resurrect my faith.


I’m dead in this world. Dead to my friends. Dead to the ones I love.

Dead to me.

I am dying to live and living to die

to be rescued by you, my strong tower.


Kristen Brandon lives in Virginia with her two crazy cats and loving boyfriend.  She has been writing poetry for the past 20 years. Her true passion is teaching children with special needs and writing poetry to bring hope to others.

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