Poetry by Sam

Mixed Metaphor I like that God put a healthy mix of people on Earth. All those different colours- much more appealing than everything the same. Maybe some people are too sharp, or sweet, or dry or mushy for your taste- but God tossed us all around together, then drizzled us in olive oil and vinegar-... Continue Reading →

Poetry by Sara

Sara has written some more beautiful poems in response to a few of the daily prompts in Writing Bad. Which is your favorite? Find more of her poems on her Facebook author page Sara A. Mosier    

A Quick Guide to Naming Fantasy Characters

This is a great article on naming fantasy characters

Richie Billing

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I come across a lot of posts on social media asking about naming characters, particularly in the fantasy genre. How different should they be to real world names? Should I throw an apostrophe in the middle to make it sound more fantasyish?

With NaNoWriMo kicking off tomorrow you don’t want to be wasting time thinking of names. So here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Coming up with names

Let’s start with the hard part. I like George R.R. Martin’s approach. He bases his names on…

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Poetry by Sam

Broken Promise I know I can be quite careless, but I’ll never break your heart like I broke those cups and vases- I’ve always been quite careless- but it seem to me as though this is about time that I start to try to not be quite so careless, in case I ever break your... Continue Reading →

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