Poetry by Ashley


Don’t Need Perfect

I really want to be carefree,

but life keeps throwing bricks at me.

All is well, there’s nothing wrong,

yet everyday seems far too long.

I’m overwhelmed and over stressed.

It’s hard to say, but I’ve confessed.

Anxiety or perhaps depression,

my faults and flaws are my biggest obsession.

Nothing I do is good or right,

Every day feels like a fight

Why must I yell and scream and cry?

I should be happy, shouldn’t I?

Why am I bothered by things so small?

Like muddy handprints on my wall.

Perhaps I’m not cut out for this life,

a stay at home mom and stay at home wife.

But then again, perhaps I’m wrong.

All is well and I am strong.

I’m not perfect, it’s plain to see,

But my kids don’t need perfect,

They just need me.


Ashley is a talented poet that resides in Texas with her husband and two young boys. Find more of her poems here:

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