Poetry by Shobana


Deer Thirsting

A paradise prevails unexposed, creating a landscape for myths and legends


Gentle waters run deep, placid and serene


Unseen fishes swim placating quiet ripples


Its seclusion is premeditated

The distant clamor, an uninvited imposition

Hidden and protected, it breathes silence

A silence so peaceful that it makes the haven a place of worship

Inhale, Exhale, an Eden of fantasy


Foxes and deer eye each other within their own enclave

The danger of trespassing on forbidden paths, well defined

In the distant it can be sunrise or sunset, it matters not

The vision of its color remain sanctifying and sacred,


A fox howl within this sanctuary, disturbing, its echoing voice eerie

The deer stands afar disengaging, unperturbed



The unblemished walk on a flawless portrait

Inspiration to countless that roam, seeking, venerating

Near quiet waters the deer conjoins

Its desiring quenching


Shobana Gomes is a married poet, writer and a published author who currently resides in Malaysia. Check out her website here:A Little Time With Shobana

And you can connect with her on her Twitter account @shobanagomes or Facebook page Poems and Rhymes .

Visit her author page on Amazon for an insight into the books she has published. 

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