Poetry by Roy

There’s a Lighthouse Over Yonder

By: Roy Bingham

There’s a lighthouse over yonder.

I can see it across the waves.

It keeps sending out it’s message,

Do not falter, just be brave.


For as long as you can see me,

Across these troubled seas,

I will be your guiding beacon,

I will lead you here to me.


And when you reach me safely,

With all your loved ones gathered round,

We’ll be together forever,

On this safe and hallowed ground.


Yes, there’s a lighthouse over yonder,

And I know who’s waiting there.

He’ll bring us all to safety,

And forever we will share.


For the seas of life are dangerous,

And the water deep and cold.

But that lighthouse, it will guide us,

Till we all are in His fold.


Our feature poet Ashley shared this poem with me from her late uncle. I find it beautiful, especially the meaning behind it.

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