Poetry by Ashley

Spirit of the Season
Christmas is upon us.

Everyday it’s drawing near.

Lights on trees and wreaths on doors.

Holiday music is all I hear.
The joyous spirit warms me,

This season that’s all about giving.

Reminds me to embrace

Each moment I’m living.
The days creep faster.

Gone far too fast.

My children will grow,

And this will soon be past.
Let them be young,

And let them believe.

But teach that it’s better,

To give than receive.
You blink your eyes,

And like the snow,

You’re children have grown,

And of course they know.
That Santa’s not real,

And reindeer don’t fly.

It was you all along,

And they’ll ask you why.
Tell them the truth.

Give them your reason.

It’s not about Santa.

It’s the spirit of the season.

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