Poetry by Makenzie

The Headache

Headache, Headache in my head

“You should go away” I said

Did it listen did it heed?

“NO NO!”  Was its undying creed

It festered and it boiled

It was such an awful curse

Until I had found myself on a hearse!


Did it stop then, do you think?

Oh no, it was worse than talking to a shrink!

It spread and it spread

From my underground bed

To the rest of the dead heads

“Curse you!  We’ll kill you again!”  They said

Holding their heads and moaning like living dead

I found myself being chased

For they wanted to cut off my head!


Then run, run away I did

Those dead were right behind me is said

Then stomp and think, jump I slid

“No one can die twice!”  I realized

Stopping and turning, a chorus of moans was brought

Catch me, caught me, slice me cut me

“Dead twice in one day!”  I thought

How unlucky can you get?

I’m more unlucky than a bug in a web, I bet!


But all was fine, all was well

For what was left of me fell

You see, my head no longer ached

I felt completely right again

Though all of this is fake

My head was no longer part of me

Now I think I shall go have some tea.


Makenzie is a talented writer, poet, and full time student who resides in Utah with her bees and fluffy cat. You can find more of her poems here:

Unfulfilled Vows


A Story of Truth and Lies

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