Poetry by Makenzie

Flower Girl

Her heart is tattered and torn

She drags her feet along the ground

Shot down by lost hopes and dreams

She smiles a painful smile for everyone to see

Not showing her broke heart

For fear that someone will break it even worse.

She is not even an atom in this existence

She says she is lower than dirt

For no one seems to care what has, or will, ever happen

To my poor little flower girl.

She is black and white with a yellow flower in her hair

She travels the long dark abyss

Towards what?

There is everything to dread in this world

And yet there is nothing to fear

The clouds roll into the valley, the thunder crashes

And the earth sheds a tear

For my poor little flower girl

Forgotten in her fears.

Makenzie is a talented writer, poet, and full time student who resides in Utah with her bees and fluffy cat. You can find more poetry from her here

Unfulfilled Vows


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