Poetry by Makenzie

Unfulfilled Vows

Everyone says the pain will fade with time

Things will get easier, you’ll see

But the secret that they don’t always tell

Are the times when the pain becomes a living Hell


No matter the time that passes

My eyes will never fail to see

The things that were

The things that shall never be


My love

My muse

My dearest one

The unthinkable has happened

And I can’t believe what has been done


No more laughter

No more tears

I thought we’d for sure

Share throughout our long years


Your face now distant

Only a memory now

Your touch a phantom

Of unfulfilled vows


You promised me forever

You said your love was true

But because of me my love

That forever has been doomed


“I’m sorry” has no merit

An apology is not enough

Words on silent ears fall deaf

And weeping

The universe sweeps it up


My heart forever in turmoil

Forever in despair

For you were my one and only

And now you will not be there


To mourn the death

Of a person still alive

Is the worst thing that could happen

Because a soul has died


What is

And what should never be

Make no difference

To the feelings of a girl called me.


Makenzie is a talented writer, poet, and full time student who resides in Utah with her bees and fluffy cat. Stay tuned for more poems by her!

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