Poetry by Ashley

Forever Scarred

By: Ashley Lambright

Dripping down, release the pain.

Always a loss, never a gain.

Tears roll off and leave a trail.

Cued by a song, thoughts of betrayal.

Emptiness taking the place of my soul.

Happiness gone, love left a hole.

Knife to the chest, piercing my heart.

Blood stains the floor, where do I start?


I start at the bottom of a bottomless pit.

My heart is torn, my mind doesn’t fit.

An open door with one way down.

I stumble and fall and turn around.

Black all around me, nobody’s there,

But lonely eyes in the walls all stare.


Nothing will ever be the same,

Our love was a joke, my life was a game.

I played with you and I fell apart.

I trusted you and I lost my heart.

Inside the tunnel is always darkest,

Finding the light is always the hardest.


I’ll wander around as the shadows fall.

I’ll listen hard and you’ll never call.

You left me standing with an open wound,

You left me drifting in our empty room.

I’m no longer me, my heart is hard.

Love for me is forever scarred.

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