Poetry by Ashley

Random Notes

Random Notes

By: Ashley Lambright


Random notes fly through the air,

Toss them around, everything’s fair.

Secrets are kept inside of our pens,

They leak out, they seep out, they tell all our sins.


We keep our lives, our past, locked tight,

Hoping only to start things right.

We want new beginnings; we want a new start,

We have a plan, a role, a part.


You finally find something that makes it all real,

You take the steps and seal the deal.

Take a deep breath and show all your cards,

Nothing in life should be this hard.


All the way there, to leave or take,

Hoping and praying your heart doesn’t break.

You listen, you wait, you close your eyes,

You answer the questions, you answer the why’s.


Explain your life choices the best you can,

Tell why you left, you fled, you ran

They stop to think, they pause, they stare,

You try to pretend, you try not to care.


The shock on their face, the disbelief,

They open their mouth and try to speak.

You know the routine, you brace for the news,

They have to decide, they have to choose.


Their lips form words, you strain to hear,

“It’s over, it’s done, I love you, come here.”

You turn to leave, a tear slips down,

But you hesitate and turn around.


You couldn’t have heard it, it couldn’t be true,

You finally found someone who loves you for you.


Ashley is a talented poet who resides in Texas with her husband and two young boys. To read more from her, follow the links below!

Poetry by Ashley

Poetry By Ashley

Poetry by Ashley


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