Painted Red

“MAMA!” Noah cried out as he woke from the scariest dream ever. Nobody replied so he kicked his Ironman blanket off and jumped out of bed. He hurried to the door and then down the hall to Mama and Daddy’s room. He tried the handle but it wouldn’t turn.

“Mama I had a scary dream!” Noah said as he knocked on the wooden door. “Mama! Mama!”

He tried the handle again the other way and this time it worked. He pushed the door open and his eyes were drawn to the TV. He paused in the doorway and watched as people talked and some ran around.  One looked like they had red paint on them and it reminded him he was scared. Noah padded to Mama’s side of the bed.

“Mama,” he whimpered as he climbed into the bed. Mama didn’t move, but as he settled in the middle he realized the bed felt wet. He moved around a little before poking at the blanket that was over her.

“Mama the bed it wet,” he said, but she didn’t wake up. He pushed his hand into her long, dark hair, and felt himself calm a little bit. He turned to find Daddy gone.

“Daddy?” Noah called out, but the TV drew his attention again. Now there were people fighting on it. A whole bunch of them! Lots more red paint. It made him think of his dream again.

“Mama I had a dream you were driving and then you turned around and your eyes were white and you were a scary witch zombie!” he said in a rush. Mama didn’t respond. He was about to get under the blanket with her when the shadows by the closet moved. He jumped and looked closer.


The shadow made a growling noise like a lion sleeping. It scared him. “D-daddy? I’m scared.” Noah tightened his hold on Mama’s hair, but she still didn’t wake up as the shadow approached the bed. Noah stared wide-eyed at Daddy, and all the red paint on his face and chest, as he stood beside the bed and looked down at Noah The sleeping lion noise sounded again, this time definitely from Daddy, and Noah closed his eyes. It IS a dream. It is a-

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