Chalk Paint

Drawing with chalk is a favorite activity for the boys. Yesterday during naptime I decided to make something new for them to do.(Honest has done it before but he was really little)

While they snoozed, I grated sticks of chalk. I use the Crayola 24 pack because we love all of the vibrant colors. I grated about half of a stick for each color and divided them into a regular sized muffin tin.

Once the chalk dust was in the pan I gathered different sized paint brushes and a big, easy to pour, cup of water.
The boys liked watching me mix the water in once we got outside to the cement. They picked their brushes and we started painting!

Their favorite thing was to splatter paint. I love how it turned out.

This was somewhat messy. I wiped their hands and feet before we went inside and I changed their clothes afterwards just so chalk dust wouldn’t get on the new couch.

Honest kept checking on it throughout the remainder of the day because it changed as it dried. Once we woke up the following morning he went to see and the rain had washed a lot away but it was still there.

He asked to do it again right away. I said coffee first 😁


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