Camp NaNo Prep

It will be July before we know it! That means you should get to prepping your Camp project! Camp is a lot more laid back than November NaNo. My favorite part is can be any project with any word goal. Poems, short stories, novellas, etc. It’s up to you!

 I’ve found a few helpful pins if you follow that link. There are a ton of tips and tricks on that board. Here are a couple of my favorite ones. 

This one is great for getting an idea of your project. 

I love this. Those three questions at the end are awesome. I can easily apply them to my apocalyptic WIP. I even made a chart of all my main characters throughout the various projects and figured out answers for each. With a couple of the stories it helped solidify the main storyline because I hadn’t previously thought about it in this way. 

An example:

Who: Lucky Bailey. 

Want Most: Keep his family safe

How Can I Prevent: ZOMBIES

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”              -Ernest Hemingway
Remember that Camp Nanos(April and July) are FUN. You create the project here and can choose any goal. I usually pick an accomplishable one. (10k or 15k) and it gives me a little self esteem boost to win at the end of the month. 

Make sure to check out some facebook groups for support and feedback. 

Go forth and conquer! 


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