It’s Camp NaNoWriMo time! I’m really surprised at how much I’ve accomplished already. We are 6 days in and I am sitting at 5,000 words of my 15k goal. Whoo! I know it isn’t a TON but it’s more than I was expecting to be able to do….especially with two sick kiddos.

I definitely wouldn’t be so far without help from writing buddies to bounce ideas off and share with. If I didn’t have someone fangirling over my WIP couple then I don’t think I’d have half of what I’ve written. 😉

Secondly, facebook groups! There are SO many good ones. My favorites are Writing Writing Bad and C&GB Writing Circle.  Both great groups for support and help. 

I try to avoid the internet completely when I sit down to write. I only open Word and that’s it. I even use the shift+f7 shortcut for the thesaurus. Even listening to music will distract me.

Anyway, let’s get those words in this month and get those stories told!


What are some things you do to help focus while writing?

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