Popsicle Stick Chicks

I love all the variations of this craft. So far we’ve made scarecrows, snowmen, and leprachauns. Now to celebrate spring we made chicks!



Popsicle sticks
Googly eyes

I found this awesome pack of card stock at Hobby Lobby for half off! I’m excited to use all of the colors 😀


Step one is to glue your sticks to a piece of cardboard.


Once that’s dry paint them!

We used finger paint because it was the only yellow we had on hand. Mr.3 painted the sticks. I think they needed multiple coats but he insisted they were good with one.


Once your paint is dry (we waited overnight just because we were busy but I’m sure half an hour to an hour would be fine) add your eyes, beaks, feet, wings, and as H called it “feather hair”

Use the time the paint is drying to cut out all of your parts. If your kiddo isn’t old enough to, then you should do it while they’re distracted because it takes a while.  Or maybe it’s just me trying to get it to look perfect then giving up and not caring. 😉


We used school glue to attach everything.


His favorite part is glueing.



Once all of your pieces are attached let it dry. You can attach string or a magnet to display them. We like to just lean them against the side of the microwave on the counter.


They’re cute and I love how they look a little crazy. Happy Spring!

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