Easter Egg Wreath

I’ve come across a lot of variations of this craft. It is cute and really simple. Honest helped once I got it all cut out and ready.


Cute baby hand belongs to Sage, who tried helping me get set up. He ended up using some crayons to scribble while I worked.


Decorative paper
Glue (I used tacky because I couldn’t find my Elmer’s school glue)
Paper plates
Egg shaped cookie cutter

First you’ll need to cut out the middle of your plate. I didn’t have any so I traced a plate onto a poster board and then cut out the middle.

Next trace your egg shape onto the backs of your paper. I divided my 12 pages in half and just traced on two pages. I fit 9 eggs on each.
(I wanted to make multiple wreaths so I used a lot of paper for eggs)

Keep your pages bundled and cut out your eggs.

Now place a line of glue around your circle and add your eggs! I was able to fit 12 eggs per circle. Honest liked glueing the most.


Once your eggs are on you can attach your ribbon. We just glued them but I suggest stapling.


Once that’s dry you’re done and can hang them up. 🙂


Together H and I made three big wreaths and two small.

If you don’t want to do eggs you can do
something that’s more springy like flowers! It’s my favorite kind of craft- versatile. (And cheap 😉 )

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