Hole Punch Hearts

When we got home earlier from taking Hubby to work, I noticed our Christmas window clings still decorated the master bedroom window. H’s room has some suncatchers but they aren’t very festive.

I found the idea for this craft on Pinterest but the link didn’t work so I winged it, which is easy because it’s a simple craft!



Heart template
Writing utensil
Paper hole punch
(Ignore the glue… I grabbed it to make these cute heart penguins)

To start get a heart template you like. I freehanded mine but you can trace something heart shaped or print one out.

Fold your paper the long way (hotdog style) and trace as many hearts and will fit.


Do so with all of your different papers


Once that is done cut your hearts out. (Hehe)


Here are my hearts.

Now take your hole punch and punch away! I folded mine in half so I could reach the middle. I tried letting H help but the punch was too hard for him to do. He tied some together with string instead.

Once all of your hearts are holy you can cut bits of string and tie them on. I used strings with varying lengths. Some of the hearts were hung at an angle as well.


Finally use painter’s tape to hang them up!


I put 7 in each window in H’s room and in the master bedroom.


Tada! I think longer strings would have been better but the cat likes to sit in the window and I know she’d attack them.

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