Melted Crayon Art

I’ve seen so many variations of melted crayon art all over the internet. I love how many ways you can do it.

I’ve been wanting to try but I don’t normally buy canvas   so I waited until I had some. Lo and behold a couple weekends ago Michael’s did a sale on all of theirs! Boolyah (as my Mother used to say)

Gather supplies:
Hair dryer or heat gun (will yield different results)
Hot glue
Painters tape or stickers


Place your stickers or tape however you desire.


Remove your wrapping if you chose to hold the crayon. If you are gluing them to the canvas it doesn’t matter. H chose the colors this time.

Use your blow dryer to melt the crayon. It will splatter everywhere.




My melty crayon. Resting it on the canvas made out puddle a little and I liked how it looked.


I worked from the right so it would all be going the same direction. My plan was to do the opposite way for baby’s name.


Before starting the second I covered my area 😉


Stickers in place


I outlined the letters to ensure they would show up once the stickers were removed. (I did this with the first one too)


Messy splatters. I do like how they look…just not on my cupboards. 😉


The purple bled through for this one but I don’t want to paint over it. It’s a messy craft and I like it.

Now back to my messy cupboards.


It looked worse in person. I grabbed a washcloth and petroleum jelly and rubbed it in circles after scraping as much as I could with a kitchen scraper. It came off pretty easily!


I used it on H’s table and his cup that were covered before rinsing with soapy water. *cheesy grin*

I love how they turned out and I definitely want to do more!

If you do this craft make sure to share pictures! Happy crafting!

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