Love Wall Art

It’s a snow day! We have about 6 inches with more forecasted to dump on us. Since we have nowhere to be and no plans ( and it’s February) I decided to break out the paint and do some crafting!


H did the one on the left and I did the other. It was relaxing, making all of though little dots. 🙂

This is a super simple project. I’ve made them in the past and I love how they turn out.


This is last year’s Valentine’s Day art from H. He picked the colors both times. I used  painter’s tape for this one.


These are a couple that hang in Honest’s room. The top one is canvas and a Dory quote from Finding Nemo. (Honest’s nickname is Squishy) I painted it a myriad of colors, put the stickers on, painted black over top, and removed the stickers.

The bottom one I let baby H paint and when I removed the stickers I didn’t like how it looked so I wrote in the letters.

White cardstock or canvas
Stickers or painters tape


This is what I used for my letters. I used a double sided sticky square (for scrapbooking) on each letter to hold them in place. Worked really well! I like the size of these letters.

Start with figuring out your design. If you want your letters to be white in the end then start by putting your stickers on. If you want the letters colored, paint the canvas first and let dry completely before placing your stickers.


Next you’ll paint over your letters. Make sure you cover the outline of them with paint



I used Q -tips for mine. H used a foam dot brush.

I let ours dry a little bit before peeling off the stickers. I don’t think it’s necessary though. Be careful doing this so you don’t rip your paper, (if that’s what you’re using)

I put them on the fridge to dry, using magnets on all corners so it wouldn’t warp the paper.

Very fun! I like the idea of using handprints to paint the page too. Or finger prints or even cookie cutters! So many ideas! Paint all the things!

You coukd also use markers or crayons. It doesn’t have to be paint!

Happy crafting and stay warm!

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