Felt Fish


I made these felt fish awhile ago but dug them out last night. I needed to tackle the mountain of dishes that were taking over the sink but H wanted to play.

I outlined two squares of the kitchen tile in different Washi tapes. Then, with the help of the Octonauts, I gave H missions that dealt with the fish. Baby S has a walker with a little car horn that H has decided makes a great Octo Alert! (If you haven’t seen the show, Octonauts,  I recommend it. It’s interesting and the kiddos learn about all sorts of sea life, even if some of the voices are super annoying.)


(Sorry the pictures are blurry. He was having fun)

Some of the missions involved me scattering the fish around and he had to save  them. Or a big storm blew through and the cages broke letting the fish out! Save them before they’re eaten!  (He liked fixing the cages/putting the tape back) 


I had him count the fish to make sure they were all accounted for. Move them one by one from one box to the other using his fishing string.  There were other missions and with them all and him just playing on his own he was entertained the entire time I was doing dishes. (Which took A WHILE)

The fish!
You’ll need felt/fabric
Hot glue or thread and a needle
Googly eyes
Magnets(small but strong. I got mine at          Hobby lobby but I’ve seen them at. Walmart and Michael’s)
A string. (Can be a shoelace, thick piece of yarn, anything. )
A big magnet
We started out with a dowel as a fishing pole but it turned into a weapon and H got it taken away. 😉 Fun for older kiddos though.

I came up with my fish designs by hand. There are a ton of templates if you Google “simple fish template” or “simple fish drawing”  We had more but some have gotten lost.

Trace your pattern onto the felt, make sure you have two per fish or your felt is folded in half. Cut it out and glue/sew around the edges. Make sure you get your magnet in there!

Hot glue works really well,as does liquid stitch, if you don’t want to sew.

We use googly eyes for everything but you can draw your eyes on or use stickers!
I have an odd shaped magnet for the fishing line so I had to hot glue it to the string.


My sister in law used paper fish with paper clips on them as another, much quicker but version. A magnet on a string and them scattered on the floor kept my niblings (nieces and nephew) entertained for a long time!

I really like the magnet on a string because it can be used for a lot of activities!  I had H catch letters and say what they are. Or I’d call out one and have him find it.  He also put them in his Leapfrog letter thing (that’s the technical term 😉 ) and was telling his brother what they were. 


He catches the letters from the floor(or a bin or a bucket of water) and puts them on a cookie sheet or the fridge.

You can use these in the car for trips too!

Happy fishing!

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