Pom Pom Snowmen

I’m on a snowman kick this season. A good 3/4 of the crafts I want to do are some form of a snowman. They’re so cute, I can’t help it! This first picture is what I wanted to do. Adorable, right?


I first got this idea from Facebook. Mine turned out nothing like the original post’s but that’s okay. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have an almost three year old helping. Mine are better because Ironman helped me!


You can get the original tutorial here


Poms Poms




Googly eyes/ black felt

Pipe Cleaner

I didn’t want to attempt to make my own pom pom so I bought them at Hobby Lobby. I got a pack of the largest size and a pack of the normal size.


Didn’t get a picture of supplies before Ironman blasted into the packages. 😉  I started by assembling my snowman, but H…I mean Ironman started with the details. Hot glue and tacky glue were  used and I had issues with both. My poms weren’t staying together well unless I had a ridiculous amount of glue. The tacky worked well for the buttons and sequins though.  I used hot glue to hold on my pipe cleaner ear muffs.



For the nose I cut a little off of an orange pipe cleaner. I loosely tied the ribbon around their neck but tried one with a pipe cleaner and I think I like it better.

While I worked on mine, Ironman did his own. He insisted on three pom poms which I think turned out really cute. I tied the ribbon and did the ear muffs on his but otherwise it was all him!  Overall it was a fun craft-even if they didn’t turn out as planned. 🙂  Oh and I am planning on adding arms at some point. 😉



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