Popsicle Stick Snowmen

It’s overcast and very cold today and with the flurries it just FEELS like a craft day. ๐Ÿ˜€

Popsicle sticks rock. There are so many different uses for them. Lately we’ve been making fridge decorations. Some of the other things we like to do are:
  Add different washi tapes to one side and play a matching game
  Build structures
  Color on them with markers (H gives them faces)
  Make picture frames
  Practice the alphabet and numbers
  Make puzzles
  Make puppets

There are WAY more things they can be used for but that’s all we’ve done so far.

This craft is inspired by our fall Scarecrow and our Halloween Frankenstein’s Monster. We’ll probably end up doing another wintry or Christmasy one soon.



Popsicle sticks (we made two different sizes. 8-9 sticks per snowman)


To start I cut out a piece of thin cardboard to fit the back. I covered it in glue and placed all but one of my sticks down. (I sat a jar of peanut butter on top to keep it flat while it dried.)


Paint them white once they’re dry.

Place your last stick across the top. This will be the hat. I like the angle mine slightly to give them more character. H helped me paint them.


You can use the washable finger paints but it is watery and you need more coats. Here is the difference between one coat of finger paint and one of craft paint.


Once that is dry you can make your face. You can sketch the face and have your kiddo paint them or let the kiddos do it themselves.

I did the faces this time. H usually helps but he was too interested in his new Power Ranger toys. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I couldn’t find my googly eyes so I painted them on. I freehanded everything but a dot marker or dot brush would work great for the mouth!

I decided to buy some eyes when I was at Hobby Lobby. The googly eyes didn’t cover the painted ones on my large snowmen so I left them.

I also added some ribbon to the hat. I found this at Walmart for $2. I got a TON for that price. You’ll want to make sure you cut enough so the ribbon wraps around the backside a good half inch or it won’t stick well. I ran a line of glue right above the brim of the hat and then on the back.


I might add some fake holly or a star to the brim of the hat too, but for now it’s done!


Make sure to share your! Happy winter!

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