Penguin Feet

Footprint and handprint art has always been adorable to me. H loves doing it and we do….a lot. To date we’ve made : construction vehicles, reindeer, Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, Christmas trees, Dinosaurs, turkeys, snowmen, ninja turtles and more that I can’t recall but have(somewhere…)

The other day while H napped, S and I did some footprints! Penguins are wintry!

Supplies needed:

Paint ( black, white, and orange for sure. The rest are up to you)
Paint brush
Cardstock, canvas, or some kind of paper. (I used some sheets from a seasonal scrapbook paper book I have)
Googly eyes
Kiddo’s feet 🙂

To start I took off baby S’s pants and strapped him into his high chair. I put my paper on a clipboard so his foot had something solid to press against.

Paint baby’s foot completely black. I use washable kid paint but the acrylic craft paint washes off easily too(as long as you don’t wait too long before cleaning it)  Some people will add in their white ON Kiddo’s foot but my little one moves too much, he would just smear it.

Hold the clipboard in one hand and baby’s ankle in another and, starting with the heel, bring the clipboard to him and press his foot onto the page. S always curls his monkey toes so I usually have to do a bunch before I get a decent print. H just relaxes his and lets me place it for him.


When you get however many you want clean off the foot.

Once the black is dry you can take a paintbrush and add in the white. Some will have white on the bellies and some can have them across the face too. I had to do several coats of white in order to cover up the black.



I have an inordinate amount of googly eyes in all sizes and colors but I can’t find ANY right now. I looked and looked but nothing. So I painted my eyes on. I used a nail polish dotter but you can use the tip of your paintbrush or the tip of a pen. A pencil eraser would work well too. A circle of white with a smaller circle if black. Putting the black dots in different places adds a lot of character to the picture. (You can have them looking sideways at each other or up or down)

Paint on your triangle beak then you can add scarves, hats, or ear muffs.


Once I get some canvas painted I’ll modge podge them on but for now they’re done!



Share photos of your penguins! I’d love to see them 🙂

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