DIY Paracord Belt

This project was really exciting for me! I really like the idea of keeping paracord around in case of an emergency and there is a lot of things people make with it! I’ve seen it used a ton as bracelets, keychains, replacing shoelaces, watches, bottle holders, knife holsters, and so much more. It is super strong and durable. Doesn’t fray. Plus it comes in a wide variety of colors. You can get charms for it as well.


One section of the selection at Hobby Lobby. There are compasses, whistles, buckels, and charms. Not to mention the paracord itself. 50 feet to 100 feet packs.


I chose this color for my belt. I got 100 ft for $8.99 (But actually with the mobile Hobby Lobby coupon I saved 40% on it) I still have maybe half of it left over.


They have multiple colors for the belt buckles. (Lowes and Menards both didn’t carry any.) With this buckle I think I could have easily fit 5 loops/rows rather than the 4 in the tutorial. (What I’ll try next time!)


Beginning the weave. All in all it took me two days to complete. That’s just because of little man and other activities taking precedence. If i were able to focus solely on it I’m sure it would take less than one day. Once I got the hang of it it was pretty relaxing!


Tada! I know a few things I would do differently next time but I’m still proud of it. I spent a total of $10 on this belt and it is resizable(with a little work) and sturdy. I made mine a little bit looser so it was more comfortable.


Here is the link to the instructions. Paracord Belt

My only tip is to follow them EXACTLY. I didn’t to start and it wouldn’t work. If you end up making one let me know! I’d love to see how it turned out!

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