DIY Body Scrub

I know there are tons of DIY scrubs out there, but I wanted to share mine. I’ve been wanting to get a jar of coconut oil for awhile but I always forgot about it when I was at the store. Finally got some last week. I started using it on the dark circles under my eyes(that I’ve had for forever) in hopes of making them go away. I also am using it in place of the Cerave lotion cream that I was using.

Today before my shower I decided to do a scrub. I dug around in the cabinet for what I wanted and mixed it together and gave it a go. I feel awesome now! Here’s my recipe 🙂


1 TBSP coconut oil (melted…which happens when you leave the jar in the bathroom :/ )

1 TBSP brown sugar( exfoliate)

1 TSP baking soda (supposed to help make your skin glow)

Small resealable dish (optional, i didn’t have very much left over so next time I’ll probably just use it all up)

Mix you ingredients together in your dish. While standing in your shower(pre-water),  use it to thoroughly scrub wherever you want to exfoliate. I did my legs, feet, arms, and face. I just rinsed off, using my hand to rub the mixture away. No soap or anything.

I also rubbed a little  plain coconut oil into my hair and washed it out with the usual stuffs.

My feet have been pretty calloused and rough. They aren’t completely soft now, but they do feel much better. This is a simple and inexpensive scrub and I’m sure you can do a lot with it. (Essential oils and such)  Enjoy!

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